About volunteering at COSMM

Our volunteers are extremely important to the success of COSMM and our relationship with our patrons. Volunteering with us and helping those in need is also a very rewarding activity at a personal level.

We have two types of volunteers, kitchen volunteers and hall volunteers. Kitchen groups come from Parishes and other organisations in the community and prepare and serve the Saturday night meals. Hall volunteers are a rotating roster of trained and more casual volunteers who serve food, tea and coffee, and mingle with patrons. We aim every week to create an environment of warmth and community for those who might not have much of it during the week, so volunteers are encouraged to have a chat and a laugh, share a cup of tea or coffee, and, provided all the patrons have eaten, have a meal. To learn more about our philosophy please visit our About Us page. Every Saturday night the team is headed up by two experienced coordinators who are responsible for managing the night, assigning jobs, and guiding you through your time with us.

How to volunteer

Volunteering with the Collective is an easy process. Get in touch with us via our Contact page or email [enquiry@cosmm.org.au] to register your interest or find out more about us. We will arrange a night for you to come along. If you enjoy your first night volunteering we can talk about finding more nights for you to come along. After a few weeks you might wish to formalise your involvement with COSMM by attending a training night and joining the volunteer roster. We would love to have you!

Please note: Student volunteers need to be at least 16 years of age to comply with our Child/Student Safe Policies. Two or three school students at a time must be accompanied be either a parent or teacher.